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Ben's wishes

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    A poor boy whose wishes come true
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  • Who tells the narrator stories?
    The narrator's uncle
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  • What's the name of the narrator's favourite story?
    Ben's wishes
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  • How old was the narrator when her uncle told her the story?
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  • How did Ben's older brothers often feel?
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  • Why were the older brothers often angry and hungry?
    They were alone.
    They were clever.
    They were naughty.
    They were poor.
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  • What did Ben find under the tree?
    A silver cup.
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  • What three wishes come true for Ben?
    He gets more olives, a coat and books.
    He gets hot chocolate, a coat and books.
    He becomes rich, a new house and books.
    He gets hot chocolate, soup and books.
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  • What do the books teach Ben about?
    The world's economy.
    Mathematics of the land.
    The world's land, oceans and creatures.
    How to survive in the jungle.
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  • Why are Ben's brothers angry when they arrive home?
    Ben didn't prepare their dinner.
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  • What three things do Ben's brothers wish for?
    Soup, money and candy.
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  • Why does the cup break?
    The brothers fight.
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  • What happens to the new coat, books, money and candy after the cup breaks?
    They all disappear.
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