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10 Phrasal verbs 1 describing people

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    10 phrasal verbs to describe people
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  • To be able to see the difference between two very similar things or people
    To tell apart
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  • To have an appearance that is very similar to someone or something, to resemble someone or something
    To look like
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  • To behave in a way that makes people believe that you have a particular characteristic
    To come across as
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  • To be able to know the difference between two things
    To tell one from the other
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  • To look or seem the same as surrounding people or things and therefore not be easily noticeable
    To blend in
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  • To be very noticeable, or to be much better
    To stand out
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  • To admit you were wrong, or to stop supporting a position
    To back down
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  • To be confident that someone is always there to help you
    To count on somebody
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  • To put on formal clothes for a special occasion
    To dress up
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  • To look good together
    To go together
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