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Flyers-Reading Part 1 Guessing Game
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    Review Vocab Flyers Local Designed By Jane
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  • You use this when you want to get dry,after washing or swimming?
    a towel
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  • This is a place young children go to, to study and learn
    a school
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  • This is a kind of home, and is usually on one floor.
    an apartment
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  • you go to this place if you want to catch a plane
    an airport
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  • This person wears a big red nose, big shoes and strange clothes. People laugh when they watch him
    a clown
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  • When you are older and leave school, you can go to this place to study
    a university
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  • An ambulance might take you here when you are very ill.
    a hospital
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  • This animal is much taller than people. It has very long neck.
    a giraffe
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  • This person makes you better when you have a toothache.
    a dentist
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  • This little animal has eight legs and it catches flies and eat them
    a spider
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