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Computers & Gadgets Vocabulary
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    Complete the sentences
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  • Kelly _____________________her MP3 player and started singing along with her favourite song.
    turned on
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  • You have to _________________to our account to read your emails.
    log in
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  • After using my laptop for a couple of hours, I needed to _______________the battery.
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  • I couldn’t hear the song playing on the radio so I _________________the volume.
    turned up
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  • The computer screen wasn’t working because I had forgotten to _________it _____.
    plug in
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  • Tom saved his work, _______________________his computer, and went to bed.
    switched off
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  • My brother asked me to _____________________the music because he was studying.
    turn down
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  • My computer’s not working so I’m worried that I’ve lost all the files on the hard______________.
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  • You can connect your camera to the computer through the ______________port.
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  • You needed to double _____________on the file to open it.
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  • We have a DVD _______________on our computer, so I can burn the film on a disk for you.
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  • Peter saved his project on a memory ____________so that he could open it on one of the school computers.
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  • My new __________________monitor displays much brighter colours than my old one.
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  • Could you give me your email _________________so that I can send you the documents?
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  • He used a(n) ________________printer to print out the wedding photographs.
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  • I searched my ________________list to find my old classmate’s email address.
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  • Mark wants to work in computer _______________after he graduates from college.
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