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Creating Questions

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    The student needs to create questions according to the underlined word
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  • She told us that the CEO was coming.
    What did she tell us/you?
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  • Peter ran home (after a dog bit him.)
    When did he run home?
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  • (The Queen) was welcomed by a large crowd.
    Who was welcomed by a large crowd?
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  • I bought you (this briefcase) in Rome.
    What did you buy me?
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  • I could (play the piano) when I was younger.
    What could you play when you were younger?
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  • We had worked there for the last 5 years.
    How long had you worked there?
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  • You should call again tomorrow morning.
    What should I do?
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  • I have asked (my boss) for some help.
    Who have you asked for help?
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  • Derek has just spoken with (his boss).
    Who has Derek just spoken with?
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  • I didn't wait for the late night film (because I was too tired.)
    Why didn't you wait for the late night film?
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