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Third Conditional

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    Complete the sentences considering the rules of 3rd conditional
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  • If you ______________ (not/be) late, we ___________ (not/miss) the bus.
    If you hadn't been late, we wouldn't have missed the bus.
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  • If she __________ (study), she ___________ (pass) the exam.
    If she had studied, she would have passed the exam.
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  • If we ___________ (arrive) earlier, we __________ (see) John.
    If we had arrived earlier, we would have seen John.
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  • If he __________ (become) a musician, he _________ (record) a CD.
    If he had become a musician, he would have recorded a CD.
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  • Complete: If I hadn't gone to bed so late...
    I wouldn't have been so tired.
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  • Complete: If I had listened to my mother...
    I would have studied more.
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  • Complete: If I hadn’t eaten so much...
    I wouldn't have felt sick.
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  • Complete: If I hadn't started the English course...
    I wouldn't have learnt English well.
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  • We __________ (come) if we ____________ (be) invited.
    We would have come if we had been invited.
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  • I ___________ (call) you if I __________ (not/forget) my phone.
    I would have called you if I hadn't forgotten my phone.
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  • He ___________ (take) a taxi if he ___________ (have) enough money.
    He would have taken a taxi if he had had enough money.
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  • She ____________ (not/meet) him if she __________ (not/come) to London.
    She wouldn't have met him if she hadn't come to London.
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