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Ask and report a question

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  • Jordy asked how they tested the toys. Ask.
    How do they test the toys?
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  • Paul asked why manufacturers used crash test dummies. Ask.
    Why do manufacturers use crash test dummies?
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  • Lee asked where the new electronic products were. Ask.
    Where are the new electronic products?
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  • Customer and sales person: "What time does the shop close?" report.
    The customer asked the sales person what time the shop closed.
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  • Sales person to customer: "Can I help you with something?" report.
    The sales person asked the customer if he/she could help him/her with something.
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  • Child to mother: "Mom will you buy me a new computer game?" report.
    The child asked his/her mother if she would buy him/her a new computer game.
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  • Student to teacher: "when can I take my test?" report.
    Student asked the teacher when he/she could take the test.
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  • Mom to son: "Do you want to go shopping with me after school?" report.
    Mom asked her son if he wanted to go shopping with her after school.
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  • Ann asked Peter how many apps he had on his mobile phone. Ask.
    "Peter, how many apps do you have on your mobile phone?"
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  • Mom asked her daughter if she was hungry. Ask.
    "Are you hungry?"
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  • Father asked his son if he had done his homework. Ask.
    "Have you done your homework?"
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