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Double Comparative

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    Practice double comparative to express progression.
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  • My dog was just a little baby, now he is a monster.
    My dog is getting bigger and bigger.
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  • She was very ugly, now she is supper pretty.
    She's getting prettier and prettier.
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  • My hair was short, now it is very long.
    My hair is getting longer and longer.
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  • My brother wasn’t very intelligent, now he is the best student.
    My brother is getting more and more intelligent.
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  • People used to be hard working, now everyone is getting so lazy.
    People are getting lazier and lazier.
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  • The planet’s temperature is rising.
    The planet is getting hotter and hotter.
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  • The rich people are making more money, the poor people making less.
    The rich are getting richer and richer and the poor are getting poorer and poorer.
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  • I remember a candy was ten cents, now it is two dollars.
    Candies are getting more and more expensive.
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  • To download a song you would take 30 minutes, now 30 seconds.
    The time to download a song is getting shorter and shorter.
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  • My bother's on a diet, I have lost 30 kilos.
    My brother's getting thinner and thinner.
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  • This place was very beautiful before, but now it looks amazing.
    This place is getting more and more beautiful.
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  • When I started learning physics, it was easy, now it is so difficult.
    Physics is getting more and more difficult.
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