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Verb patters -ing/to

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    Look at each first sentence. Complete each second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first by adding 3 words. IELTs
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  • My parents didn't let me use social media until I was 16. My parents never allowed _____________social media when I was younger.
    me to use
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  • That video really made me think. Online companies have so much power over us! That video really stared __________________how much power online companies have.
    me thinking about
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  • I warned her about sending details, but she didn't listen! I begged ________________send her personal details, but she didn't listen.
    her not to
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  • Every time you enter the site, they make you change your password. Every time you enter the site, they _________________change your password.
    ask you to
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  • That video is just amazing. How could anyone not like it? I can't imagine ____________ that video. It's so amazing!
    anyone not liking
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  • Don't let me forget how terrible that site is! ___________to use that site again! It's awful!
    remind me not
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  • My brother write software for a living, so I basically learned from him. I'm lucky because my brother _______________write my own software.
    taught me to
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  • Stop checking your phone! Listen to me for a bit! Can't you stop checking your phone? I hate_____________ to me when I'm talking!
    you not listening
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