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Only One Earth

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    Environment vocabulary quiz
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  • What is this place?
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  • Who is she? Where is she from and why is she famous?
    She's from Sweden, her name is Greta Thunberg and she is a young environmental activist
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  • What's the cheapest machine that absorbs carbon out of the air and costs very little?
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  • According to Greta Thunberg, we need to stop burning ________________ .
    fossil fuels
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  • Complete the sentence: Tropical forests are being __________ at the rate of 30 football pitches/fields a minute.
    cut down
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  • What these products called?
    disposable plastic products
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  • Which country do you think emitted the largest amount of Carbon Dioxide in 2019?
    Russia, 29.5% of the global emissions
    USA, 27.5% of the global emissions
    China, 27.5% of the global emissions
    India, 28.5% of the global emissions
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  • What's the name of this famous actor that spoke to the UN about climate change?
    Leonardo DiCaprio
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  • How much has sea level risen in the past 100 years?
    10 cm
    5 cm
    50 cm
    20 cm
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  • What do you call rain that contains chemical waste and does damage to plants and animals?
    seasonal rain
    monsoon rain
    acid rain
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  • How much has the planet warmed up over the last 100 years? a. 0.75º b. 1.5º c. 3.5º d. 4º
    a. 0.75º (if you think that's nothing to worry about, it has risen between 4 and 7 in the last 5000 years).
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  • What is the action of contaminating the air?
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  • What is an endangered animal? 
    Animals that are at risk or in danger of becoming extinct.
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  • Which one of the following sources of energy is not renewable?
    bio fuels
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  • Can you give an example of a natural resource?
    Sunlight, wind or water.
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  • Give an example of a type of rubbish that ends up in the sea
    Plastic bottles, plastic bags, cans, six pack rings
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  • What are the three R's that help us to protect the environment?
    Reduce, Remember, Recycle
    Reduce, Recycle, Remember
    Revise, Reduce, Recycle
    Reuse, Recycle, Reduce
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  • Can you give an example of an endangered animal?
    Sea turtles, rhinos, tigers, elephants...
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