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Word Problems

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    Practice word problems
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  • There are 10 people on the bus. At the bus stop, 5 people get off, and 3 people get on the bus. How many people are on the bus?
    There are 8 people on the bus.
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  • I have 6 apples. I make an apple pie, and use 4 of them. One of the apples is rotten so I put it in the compost. How many apples do I left?
    I have 1 apple left.
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  • There are 7 people at the birthday party. Winnie and Ethan come to the party late, and Mimi has to leave early. How many people are at the party now. .
    There are 8 people.
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  • Kelly and her 4 friends painted pictures. How many paintbrushes did they use?
    They used 5 paintbrushes.
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  • Mushi has 13 crayons. She gives 3 to her sister and 4 to her friend. How many does she have now?
    She has 6 crayons.
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  • Ethan sharpens 52 pencils on Monday. On Tuesday, he sharpens 12. On Thursday, he sharpens 24 pencils. How many pencils did he sharpen in all?
    He sharpened 88 pencils in all.
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  • Winnie bakes cookies. One cookie sheet holds 12 cookies. She made three cookie sheets. How many cookies does she have?
    She has 36 cookies.
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  • Mimi has 5 boxes of pineapple cake. Each box has 8 pineapple cakes inside. How many pineapple cakes does she have?
    She has 40 pineapple cakes.
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  • Ten birds sit on a wire. 5 birds fly away. A swarm of 14 birds land on the wire. 3 of them fall off. How many birds are sitting on the wire?
    16 birds are sitting on the wire.
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  • Anna wants to buy Sven carrots. He eats three carrots in the morning, two in the afternoon, and five for dinner. How many carrots should she buy for two days?
    She should buy twenty carrots.
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  • There are seven members in BTS. How many shoes are there?
    There are 14 shoes.
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  • There are 20 cats. How many ears and eyes are there in all?
    There are 40 eyes and 40 ears (or 80 in all).
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  • There are 365 days in year. January is finished. How many days are left in the year?
    There are still 334 days left.
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  • Teacher likes to drink Oolong tea. She drinks one cup every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Each cup is $30. How much does she spend on tea in a week?
    She spends $120 on tea.
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  • There were 98 jars of honey. Now there are only 52. How many jars of honey did Pooh eat this month?
    Pooh ate 46 jars of honey.
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