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Adulting 101

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    Oh Grow Up! How to do some basic "adulting" so you don't have to call mom or dad all the time.
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  • If I drink 3 Starbucks beverages a week, approximately how much am I spending a month?
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  • What is the federal minimum wage?
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  • What is the expected minimum tip you should leave at most restaurants?
    10% of the bill
    20% of the bill
    15% of the bill
    18% of the bill
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  • What's the minimum amount of time you should give your boss if you plan to leave your job?
    2 weeks
    10 days
    one week
    24 hours
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  • Adults need to know their 9-digit Social Security Number (SSN) by heart. Do you know yours?
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  • All of the following should NOT be worn for a job or college interview EXCEPT
    flip flops
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  • After an interview, do the following to increase your chance of getting the job:
    show up ready to work
    wait by the phone
    send a thank you note
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  • What is the first thing you should do if you are in a fender bender?
    call a lawyer
    call your insurance company
    make sure everyone is ok
    call 911
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  • A cop pulls you over. You turn on your hazards, pull over to a safe spot, remain calm and ...
    all of the above
    keep your hands on your steering wheel
    turn your engine off & roll down your window
    be civil
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  • When receiving a phone call in public, you should:
    answer it and continue what you were doing - multitask
    use headphones
    stop what you are doing and text them instead
    move to a private spot to talk without bothering others
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  • If wearing headphones in public, it is best to
    use wireless headphones so you don't get tangled in stuff
    keep one earbud out so you can still hear your surroundings
    keep the volume up to drown out any distractions
    keep the volume up to let others share your playlist
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  • When waiting for an elevator, all of these are rude EXCEPT
    pushing the button 11 times
    standing to the side & entering after people have exited
    cutting in line
    standing right in front of the doors to block the exit
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  • Which of these is acceptable to do in public?
    spray cologne or perfume
    put on makeup
    clip your fingernails
    none of the above
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  • When meeting someone for the first time, you should do all of the following EXCEPT
    look the person in the eye
    use a pleasantry such as "nice to meet you"
    shake hands
    remain seated and come up with a nickname for him/her
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  • Which of the following will NOT impress a teacher, boss, interviewer, or SO's parent?
    using curse words
    "uplugging" from your phone
    using manners such as Please, Thank you, Yes Sir, Yes Ma'm
    being on time
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  • You burned your hand cooking. What should you do now?
    run it under cool water
    wrap it tightly in a bandage
    put butter or oil on it
    call 911
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  • You are home when you get a text alert that there is a tornado in your area. Where do you go?
    outside to take a video
    interior room without windows if there's no basement
    to your car and drive away
    basement, cellar, or storm shelter
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  • If you have an electrical fire, what should you NEVER do?
    call 911
    use a fire extinguisher
    flee your home
    douse it in water
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  • You've been dating someone for 6 months and you want to break things off, you should
    SnapChat them
    change your Facebook status to "Single"
    breakup over text so you don't have to see him/her cry
    tell them in person
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  • When filling out a form (NHS, Field Trip, scholarship, dr. office, etc), always use
    blue or black ink pen, it's professional
    a pencil so you can fix mistakes
    red or green ink pen so they are easy to read
    highlighters so your info stands out
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  • Your awesome new shirt has this laundry label in it. How should you wash it?
    dry clean only
    in cold water
    in water as hot as possible
    in luke-warm water
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  • It's time to load the dishwasher after dinner. To do so correctly, you should
    rinse items, and then place cups and plastic on top rack
    be sure items will not move /bump during wash, add detergent
    all of the above
    scrape leftover food into trash bin or sink garbage disposal
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  • True or False: Adults should clean up after themselves, especially in public.
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