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Coptic Feasts

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  • How many Feasts are in the Church?
    7 Major, 7 Minor
    3 Major, 3 Minor
    7 major, 3 Minor
    3 Major, 7 Minor
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  • Which of the following are not a major Feast day?
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  • What is the Feast of Theophany?
    Baptism of Christ
    When Christ Rose from the Dead
    Circumcision of Christ
    When Christ's Glory showed on Mount Tabor
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  • What is the Feast of Pentecost?
    All of the Above
    When the disciples spoke with multiple languages
    50 days after the Resurrection of Christ
    When the Holy Spirit Descended on the Disciples
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  • What is the MAIN point of celebrating feasts in the church?
    None of the Above
    Living in God's Joy and remembering Him throughout the year
    so we can fast all the time
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  • When do we celebrate the appearing of St. Mary's body to the disciples?
    August 22
    August 13
    June 28
    May 9
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  • What happened on the Apostle's Feast?
    St. Peter and St. Paul were martyred
    St. Stephen was martyred
    The angel appeared to St. Paul
    St. Peter gave the sermon which converted >1000 ppl
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