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How well do you know about Sharks and Sea Turtle ...

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    Fun Facts about Sharks and Sea Turtles
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  • Dwarf Lantern sharks are the smallest sharks. How big is a dwarf lantern shark?
    1 meter
    17 meters
    17-20 cm
    20 meters
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  • Where do sharks live?
    They live in the seas, rivers and ponds.
    They live in seas and rivers.
    They live in the seas.
    They live in a water bottle.
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  • Sharks can have about 3000 teeth in their mouth at one time. If a tooth breaks off, another one grows. How long will it take for a shark's tooth to grow?
    Within a day
    5 hours
    1 month
    1 week
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  • A shark’s sense of smell is ......... times better than a human’s.
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  • When a shark dies, how long will it take for its teeth to rot?
    10 years
    100 years
    1000 years
    10.000 years
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  • Shortfin Mako Sharks are the fastest sharks. What is their speed?
    Almost 100 kilometers/ hour
    More than 250 kilometers/ hour
    Less than 60 kilometers/ hour
    About 200 kilometers/ hour
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  • Can sharks drown?
    Only when they're dead.
    Yes, in order not to do so, they need to keep moving.
    No. They know how to swim.
    Only when they're overweight.
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  • What can you call baby sharks?
    We can call them puppies.
    Baby sharks are called pups.
    Just call them baby sharks.
    Baby sharks are called kittens.
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  • How many eggs per nest does a sea turtle lay?
    50 eggs
    10 eggs
    100-150 eggs
    1000 eggs
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  • How long will it take for the sea turtles' eggs to hatch?
    15 months
    1 year
    2 weeks
    2 months
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  • How long can sea turtles hold their breath?
    2 hours
    5 hours
    1 day
    1 week
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  • How can sea turtles decide the gender of their eggs?
    The temperature of the nest decides.
    Mother and Father discuss.
    Baby sea turtles decide by themselves.
    Mothers can decide.
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  • How long can sea turtles live?
    50 years
    100 years
    15 years
    1000 years
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  • Can sea turtles tuck their heads or flippers into their shell?
    Only when they are scared.
    No they can't.
    Only when they sleep.
    Yes, they can.
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  • Why do sea turtles cry?
    Because they are hungry.
    Because they are sad.
    Because the water is not clean.
    To get rid of extra salt from the ocean water.
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