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Inferencing Scenarios

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    Read the passage and make an inference based on the text and your own background knowledge.
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  • As Martin walked down the street, he noticed that most people were carrying closed umbrellas. Although he had not seen a weather report, what could Martin infer?
    It will rain.
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  • When he got home, Pete took off his muddy boots and left them on the front steps. He went into the bathroom and took off his dirty overalls, changing into jeans and a t-shirt. He’d spent some time in the fields. What is Pete's occupation?
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  • Mary rushed through the door and called out, “I’m here! I’m sorry!” Her mother appeared in the doorway, looked at her watch, and glared at Mary. “Well hurry up, then,” she said. “Don’t make us wait any longer than you already have."
    Mary is late.
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  • Kimmy and Evan sat at the front window wearing their bathing suits and holding pails and shovels. They watched the rain pour from the sky. Kimmy began to cry. “It’s okay, Kimmy,” said Mom. “We’ll go tomorrow.”
    Kimmy and Evan expected to go to the beach today.
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  • Ben put a big spoonful of chili into his mouth. His mom reached out to stop him, but it was too late. Ben let out a scream, spit out the chili, and reached for a glass of water. From this passage, what can you infer?
    Food was too spicy
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  • Karen woke up to bright sunlight in the window and heard the sound of kids yelling to each other as they walked by her house. She rolled over and looked at her clock. “Oh no! It's 9 AM!” she exclaimed. She leapt out of bed in a panic.
    Karen overslept
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  • Melissa watched Jason walk down the ramp to the airplane. She waved slowly and began to cry. She had lived next to Jason her entire life and didn’t know what she would do without him. From this passage what can you infer?
    Jason is moving away.
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  • A little boy is sitting with his mother in a doctor’s office, listlessly leaning against her. When she gives him a cup to sip some water, he slowly pushes it away. After a while, he begins to whimper and puts a hand to his neck.
    The boy has a sore throat.
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  • A mother is pushing a cart through the grocery store. A little girl, around three years old, is sitting in the cart. The girl reaches for a brightly-colored box, and the mother gently takes it away from her. The girl begins to cry.
    The little girl is frustrated and wanted to keep the box.
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  • Max stepped up to the plate. He held the bat up and stared intently at the pitcher as he watched several balls fly by. Then, he walked back to the dugout and sat down. What can you infer from this passage?
    Max struck out.
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