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  • We did a short photo shoot with a professional photographer last week. (have)
    We had some professional photos taken last week.
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  • A mechanic repaired my car. (get)
    I got my car repaired.
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  • I always feel more relaxed when I do yoga. (help)
    Yoga helps me (to) relax.
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  • My parents say I can’t play video games on weekdays. (let)
    My parents don't let me play video games on weekdays.
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  • I work hard because my coach tells me to do it. (make)
    My coach makes me work hard.
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  • My mom forces me to study at least two hours a day. (make)
    My mom makes me study at least two hours a day.
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  • A famous fashion designer is going to design our new collection. (have)
    We are going to have our new collection designed by a famous fashion designer.
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  • I play better when I drink Red Bull before the game. (help)
    Red Bull helps me (to) play better.
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  • I think Robert could help you. You should ask him. (get)
    You should get Robert to help you.
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