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JS5 U12 Day 22

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    How do we use water?
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  • What is the name of the river from the video?
    Mississippi River
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  • Name 3 Rivers in Vietnam
    Red [Hong], Mekong [Cuu Long], Huong, Tra Khuc, Sai Gon
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  • What do you it when there is no water to use?
    A drought
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  • What do you call this natural disaster?
    A flood
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  • Name 3 things you can use water for.
    Drinking, cooking, staying clean, generating electricity
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  • Where does the water gets clean before coming to our home?
    Water treatment plant
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  • Give 2 examples of goods that people move with the river
    Grain, Coal, Iron, Steel, Rocket
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  • What happen when you drink unclean water?
    You get sick
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  • What do you call the wall built under the river
    A Dam
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  • Name 2 things do people do for fun on the river
    Fish on it, camp on the shore, relax
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  • What are 2 things you can do to save water?
    Take showers, use buckets for washing instead of hose, turn off water when brushing, do laundry in full loads
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