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    about crystals
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  • what is a crysal?
    a jewelry or something to protect you from negative energy
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  • people use crystals for...
    people use crystals to one boost low energy or to protect from negative energy and  to keep people that effect them out of there life
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  • The most popular crystal is..
    The moonstone, moonstone is blue, green, white, yellow, pink, purple, orange, gray, and brown. It’s known for growth and strength people use it to protect the
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  • 4) the most expensive crystal is...
    4)pink star diamond, the pink star diamond(also known as Steinmetz pink) is worth 1,395,761 and was discovered in 1999 the color of the pink star diamond is fan
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  • 5) the most powerful crystal is...
    5)moldavite, moldavite is powerful but can also be dangerous in many ways why you might ask. Moldavite job is to kick everyone out of your life that you don’t n
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  • the rarest crystal is..
    Tanzanite is the rarest crystal out there the color is purple-blue and is very small
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  • when were crystals discovered...
    7) crystals were discovered in the 4th millennium BC which dates back to at least 5000 years.
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  • how can crystals protect you
    8) Its high vibration blocks negative, stressful energies and stimulates the serenity of the mind.
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  • something you shouldn’t do with crystals
    leave them in the sun...they fade
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  • the most recommended crystal is
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