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Flyers- reading part 1 Guessing game
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    Review vocab Flyers level Designed by Troy and Susan
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  • This animal lives in the sea and has got eight legs. Some people eat it
    an octopus
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  • Mirrors and windows are made from this. You can usually see through it and it is easy to break it.
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  • You can make this with tomatoes, for example. You don't usually cook it .
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  • These small animals have got six legs and some of them can fly.
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  • Some people have these for a snack with a drink. They are called cookie in some places
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  • If you take one of these with you, you don't get wet when it rains
    An umbrella
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  • This person grows plants like potatoes in fields and then sells them to shops
    A farmer
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  • Lots of people enjoy eating these. They're often round and brown and taste very good
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  • If your hands get dirty, you use this with some water to clean them
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  • This is usually made of metal or plastic and you can use it when your hair untidy
    A comb
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  • This lives under the water in the sea and has eight arms
    An octopus
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  • When you are walking outside at night this is a good thing to have in your hand because its help you to see
    A flashlight
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  • These animals can fly. They sometimes live in caves
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  • It is a good idea to go and see these people when you are ill because they can help you to get better
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  • These are usually round and we put food on them when we have meals.
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