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Flyers-Reading Part 1 Guessing game
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    Review vocab Flyers level Desined by Sulli-Ielts class
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  • You go to these places to catch trains or to meet friends who have arrived there.
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  • You can put this on your drinks to make them cold. If it is on your lake, you can skate on it.
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  • These animals lived a very long time ago, but now they are extinct.
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  • This subject is all about numbers, and everyone has to learn it at school.
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  • When this happens, it rains very hard, and it is windy.
    A Storm
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  • Children can play in this place at school.
    A Playground
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  • You can go to this place when you need to take a train.
    A station
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  • You usually see a lots of this on the roads when everyone is going to work or coming home.
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  • These people work in offices, and writes letters on computers.
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  • If you are very ill and need to go to hospital, this can take you there.
    An ambulace
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  • You sometimes see this in the sky. There are seven colours in it.
    A rainbow
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  • You can look at one of these if you lose you way in a city. They show all the streets, parks and stations.
    A map
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  • When it rains, you open this and walk with it above your head. Then you don't get wet.
    An Umbrella
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  • Children laugh at these people. Their clothes are usually too big or too small.
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  • These people wear uniforms and they help people who are ill.
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