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Flyers - Reading Part 1 Guessing Game 2nd
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    Review vocab Flyers level Designed by: James and Jack_IELTS class
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  • You wait here if you want to take a train.
    A station
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  • you can take your clothes in this if you go on a train.
    A suitcase
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  • This subject teaches you about mountains, rivers and lakes.
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  • This often has a light on top and can take you to hospital.
    An ambulance
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  • This shop sells things to make you well.
    A chemist's
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  • You can use these to eat a bowl of rice.
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  • If you have a problem with car this person will have you.
    A mechanic
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  • You use this for washing when you are dirty.
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  • These have six legs and some of them can fly.
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  • This is often white with long neck, and can swim and fly.
    A swan
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  • When you are hungry you can eat this between meals.
    A snack
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  • This is makes from the milk of cows, sheep and goats.
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  • This lived a long time ago and is now extinct.
    A dinosaur
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  • you can use this when your hair is untidy.
    A comb
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  • This has eight legs and lives in the sea.
    An octopus
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