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Flyers - Reading Part 1 Guessing Game 2nd
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    Review vocab Flyers level Designed by: Eric_IELTS class
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  • You go to this place if you want to see a dinosaur
    A museum
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  • It is difficult to see when there is a lot of this
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  • When it snows, children make one of these and throw it
    A snowball
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  • One of these brings a lot of wind and rain
    A storm
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  • People make things like cars or televisions here
    A factory
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  • This person writes stories for newspapers
    A journalist
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  • You can put this in a field and sleep in it
    A tent
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  • You need one of these if you want to open the door of your house
    A key
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  • You can put a letter inside this
    An envelope
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  • This person can help if there is a problem with a car
    A mechanic
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  • People use one of these when it rains
    An umbrella
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  • People give one of these to their family and friends at Christmas
    A present
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  • You need to buy one of these if you want to send a postcard
    A stamp
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  • When it is dark outside you can see with this
    A torch
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  • We work or study five days a week and on these two days we play
    A weekend
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