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Flyers - Reading Part 1 Guessing Game
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    Review vocab Flyers level Designed by: Eric_IELTS class
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  • You use this to cut paper
  •  5
  • When you study this subject you learn about islands and jungles
  •  15
  • If you can't spell a word you can use this to help you
    A dictionary
  •  10
  • If you like drawing and painting you should study this subject
  •  5
  • We need one of these to eat soup or fruit salad
    A spoon
  •  20
  • When you are on holidays you send this to your friends
    An envelope
  •  20
  • You use this to cut bread, cheese and meat
    A knife
  •  5
  • You can study here after you leave school
    A university
  •  25
  • We put a letter or a card in this before we post it
    A postcard
  •  15
  • You can buy this everyday and read about things which have happened
    A newspaper
  •  10
  • You can carry food and warm clothes in this when you go climbing
    A rucksack
  •  25
  • You go to this place if you want to see tigers and clowns
    A circus
  •  5
  • People can ride on this when there is a lot of snow
    A sledge
  •  20
  • You can have a room in this place when you are on holiday
    A hotel
  •  15
  • If you are very ill, you go to hospital in one of these
    An ambulance
  •  25