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Flyers-Reading Part 1 Guessing Game
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    Review vocab Flyers level Designed by Anna_Ielts class
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  • You can make this with a lot of different vegetables, but you do not cook it.
    a salad
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  • This is someone who works in the theatre, in films or on TV.
    an actor
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  • You use these for cutting paper and card. You can cut hair with them, too
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  • This has a kind of bread at the bottom, with cheese and tomatoes on top of it, and you cook it.
    a pizza
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  • You go to this person when you have toothache, and he or she helps you.
    a dentist
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  • Use this white or brown and you use it when you make cakes, biscuits and pasta.
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  • This is something that you study at school, for example, English, history or science.
    a subject
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  • These people write for newspapers or magazines. They also work for TV and radio.
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  • If you can not spell a word, you might look for it in this book.
    a dictionary
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  • These people fly planes to all parts of the world.
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  • You put letters in these and write the addresses on the front of them.
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  • When you go on holiday, you write on these and send them to your friends. They have pictures on them.
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  • You put things in this and carry it on your back
    a rucksack
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  • In this competition everyone runs, and the person that finishes first wins.
    a race
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  • You write in this about things happened to you or things that you are going to do
    a diary
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