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Flyers-Reading Part 1 Guessing Game
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    Review vocab Flyers level Designed by Hani_Ielts class
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  • This person works outside in fields in the countryside, with animals and plants.
    a farmer
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  • This person, who always wears uniform, works with people who are ill in hospital or at home.
    a nurse
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  • People make a lot of different things in these places, for example radios, clothes and toys.
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  • Children study this subject at school because everyone needs to use numbers.
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  • You should go and see this person if your teeth hurt.
    a dentist
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  • You can read books or study in these places because the are usually very quiet.
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  • If you study this subject, you look at maps and learn about different countries and people in the world.
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  • People go to these places when they want to get some money.
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  • People who are good at this subject are good at drawing and painting pictures.
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  • It is this person's job to write in newspapers about things that happen in the world.
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  • If you want to post a letter you usually have to put this on the envelope.
    A stamp
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  • This comes from trees and people make a lot of things with it, for example, tables, chairs and shelves.
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  • You use this to draw straight lines. It is made of plastic.
    a ruler
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  • You ride on this and you have tro use your legs to make it go.
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  • This can take a lot of people from one place to another. You wait at stations for it.
    a train
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