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Flyers - Reading Part 1 Guessing Game
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    Review vocab Flyers level Design by Jack and James_Ielts class
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  • You use this when you want to get dry, after washing or swimming.
    A towel
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  • This is the place young children go to, to study and learn
    A school
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  • This is a kind of home, and it usually on one floor.
    An apartment
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  • These usually have a picture on the front, and you write them to your friends and family when you go away from home.
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  • You can buy these every day, and they tell you about things which are happening in the world.
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  • You can use this for cleaning your body when you are having a shower.
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  • This place is outside, and it may have a lot of swings and other games for children.
    A playground
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  • You can buy medicines and other things at this place.
    A chemist's
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  • You write in these, to help you remember important dates and times.
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  • These are usually for children, and pictures help you understand the stories in them.
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  • When it is dark, this can help you to see.
    A torch
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  • This subject teaches you about people who live a long time ago.
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  • If you've got stomach ache, the doctor give you this.
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  • You can go here to see clowns, horses and elephants.
    A circus
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  • If it snows, you can sit on this and go down a hill.
    A sledge
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