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Flyers-Reading part 1 Guessing Game
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    Review vocab Flyers level Designed by Sulli-Ielts class
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  • You should go to this place if you want to see a film.
    A Cinema
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  • If you write this on the envelop, your letter goes to the right place.
    An Address
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  • Journalists write for these, photographers take picture for them and people read them everyday.
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  • This is the place which you should go to if you want to send letters.
    A Post Office
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  • People buy these to write and tell their friends about their holiday. They often have nice pictures on them.
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  • If you want a book, but you don't want to buy one, you can get one from this place.
    A library
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  • You should go to this place if you like history and you want to look at old things.
    A museum
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  • This animal is one of the cleverest animals in the world and it lives in the sea.
    A Dolphin
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  • This animal usually lives in hot, dry places and it can walk for months without any water.
    A Camel
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  • This animal's baby lives in a pocket on its mother's stomach when it is small.
    A Kangaroo
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  • These beautiful insects can fly, and they love flowers. Birds sometimes eat them.
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  • In the day,this is blue or grey, and you can see clouds or the sun there.
    The Sky
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  • This subject teaches us about the world. You learn about important rivers and cities and how to read maps.
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  • These big birds are usually white. They have very long necks, and they live near rivers and lakes.
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  • You can visit these places to see old things or paintings. Sometimes teachers take their students to them.
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