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Social Media Revision

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    A review of social media vocabulary
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  • The name of a social media service used for taking, changing and sharing photoghaphs and videos.
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  • An image that represents a person online most often on forums and social networks.
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  • Someone who writes negative and hostile comments on a website or spreads fake news in order to provoke people. T _ _ _ _
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  • Someone with a lot of followers who is paid by a company to show and describe its products and services on social media, encouraging other people to buy them.
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  • I like it when people p______ comments on my blog.
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  • A humorous image usually with some text that spreads very quickly on the internet, often being changed by different users. ___ ___ ___ ___
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  • If you post something online, how long is it there for?
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  • The information of a person that exists in the internet as the result from a person's online activity
    Digital footprint
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  • What is digital citizenship?
    Digital citizenship is the ability to participate safely, intelligently, productively, and responsibly in the digital world.
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  • Your digital footprint is all of the information online about you, including things your friends post about you.
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  • If you take a silly photo of your friend, is it okay to post it online?
    Yes, post it right away!
    Only if you've asked your friend’s permission & they agreed
    Show everyone first, and then post it.
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  • Which of the following is NOT a good way to handle cyberbullying?
    Save the messages as evidence
    Tell your parents or a teacher
    Ignore or block the person
    Get into a fight with the person at school
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  • What should you do if someone is being mean to you online?
    tell an adult, block the person
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  • A collective of online communication channels where communities interact, share content and collaborate. What is it?
    social media
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  • Where does cyberbullying occur?
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  • A photograph that one takes of oneself with a digital camera, a smartphone, or a tablet.
    a selfie
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  • The act of sharing too much personal information to the public or a stranger.
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  • a secondary social media or email account that you use for posting silly things.
    a spam account
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