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6.5f - Inferences

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    Inferences based on simple sentences and pictures #inferences
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  • Jose smiled and skipped all the way to school.
    Jose is kind.
    Jose is nervous.
    Jose is angry.
    Jose is happy.
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  • Neshawn took off his shoes and propped his feet up and watched TV.
    Neshawn is at home.
    Neshawn is at the movies.
    Neshawn is at the doctor’s office.
    Neshawn is at the beach.
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  • Leticia read every street sign as she traveled.
    Leticia is in the car.
    Leticia is at the beach.
    Leticia is at home.
    Leticia is at the store.
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  • Make an inference based on the picture and sentences.
    Cowboy Steve is hungry.
    Cowboy Steve is mad.
    Cowboy Steve is tired.
    Cowboy Steve hates pancakes.
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  • Ms.McAllen coughed and waited for her turn to go in and be seen.    
    Ms. McAllen is at the park.<b></b>
    Ms. McAllen is at school.<b></b>
    Ms. McAllen is at the doctor’s office.<b></b>
    Ms. McAllen is at the zoo.<b></b>
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  • Mr.Ward looked outside, grabbed his umbrella and left.
    Mr. Ward saw it was windy.
    a.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Mr.Ward saw it was sunny.&nbsp;
    Mr. Ward saw it was raining.
    Mr. Ward saw it was snowing.
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  • Julio leaned back into her chair and started to doze off.
    Julio is happy.
    Julio is kind.
    Julio is nervous.
    Julio is tired.
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  • Richard waited and waited thinking that he might be late for school.
    Richard is at the movie theatre.
    Richard is at home.
    Richard is at the doctor’s office.
    Richard is at the bus stop.
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  • Use the picture and sentence to make an inference. &nbsp;
    She is late for school.
    She rides the bus to work.
    She rides her bike to work.
    She is a teacher.
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  • Ms.Black started twiddling her thumbs as she thought about doing something more fun.
    Ms. Black is happy.<b></b>
    Ms. Black is bored.<b></b>
    Ms. Black is nervous.<b></b>
    Ms. Black is angry.&nbsp;<b></b>
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  • DaVajah wished she could jump into the water, but thought about the fish that might bite her.
    DaVajah is at a football game.
    DaVajah is at the Perry pool.
    DaVajah is at the aquarium.
    DaVajah is at the doctor’s office.
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  • Terrell looked around and could not stop fidgeting.
    Terrell is happy.
    Terrell is nervous.
    Terrell is angry.
    Terrell is kind.
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  • Make an inference based on the picture.&nbsp;
    She is sick.
    She is tired.
    She is angry.&nbsp;
    She is happy.
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  • Tyasia jerked her head around and kept looking back to see if someone was following her.
    Tyasia is kind.
    Tyasia is happy.
    Tyasia is bored.
    Tyasia is scared.
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  • Jacky sat down and waited for the bell to ring as she put up her library book.
    Jacky is at the doctor’s office.
    Jacky is at the beach.
    Jacky is at school.
    Jacky is at the store.
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  • Mrs.Rippon looked outside and jumped because she just knew school would be canceled.
    Mrs.&nbsp;Rippon&nbsp;saw a dog.<b></b>
    Mrs.&nbsp;Rippon&nbsp;saw snow.<b></b>
    Mrs.&nbsp;Rippon&nbsp;saw rain clouds.<b></b>
    Mrs.Rippon&nbsp;saw green grass.
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  • Use the picture to make an inference.
    He is ugly.
    He is mean.
    She likes flowers.
    She is getting married.
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  • Jadea walked and looked at the tiger as she ate her snack.
    Jadea is at school.
    Jadea is at the zoo.
    Jadea is at the park.
    Jadea is at the store.
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  • Jake kept dabbing his forehead as he wanted to keep it dry.
    It is hot.
    It is windy.
    It is snowing.
    It is winter.
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  • Jalil looked around and tried to find the snack aisle.
    Jalil is at the aquarium.
    Jalil is at the beach.
    Jalil is at the store.
    Jalil is at the zoo.
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  • Use the picture to make an inference. &nbsp;
    There is a fire drill.
    They are skipping class.
    It is the 1st day of school.
    It is the last day of school.
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  • Mr. Brickhouse sat on the bench and watched the kids play.
    Mr.&nbsp;Brickhouse&nbsp;is at the aquarium.<b></b>
    Mr.&nbsp;Brickhouse&nbsp;is at the park.<b></b>
    Mr.&nbsp;Brickhouse&nbsp;is at the doctor’s office.<b></b>
    Mr.&nbsp;Brickhouse&nbsp;is at the zoo.<b></b>
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  • Bradyn&nbsp;jumped up, cheered, and pumped his fist.
    Bradyn&nbsp;is at a football game.&nbsp;<b></b>
    Bradyn&nbsp;is at home.&nbsp;<b></b>
    Bradyn&nbsp;is in the car.<b></b>
    Bradyn is&nbsp;at the movies.
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  • Use the picture to make an inference. &nbsp;
    He hates his car.
    He is angry.
    He got a new car.
    He washed his car.
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  • Aliyah ran to her car to grab her gloves before she bought the presents.
    It is summer.
    It is winter.
    It is spring.
    It is fall.
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  • Imani looked up and took a deep breath as she clinched her fists.
    Imani is bored.
    Imani is scared.
    Imani is angry.
    Imani is nervous.
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  • Mrs. Parker paid for her ticket and bought some popcorn.
    Mrs. Parker&nbsp;is at the zoo.<b></b>
    Mrs. Parker&nbsp;is at the aquarium.<b></b>
    Mrs. Parker&nbsp;is at the store.<b></b>
    Mrs. Parker&nbsp;is at the movies.<b></b>
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  • Use the picture to make an inference. &nbsp;
    She is pregnant.&nbsp;
    She is mad.
    They are brother and sister.
    He is angry.
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  • Mia helped her mom every day so she would not have to work so hard.
    Mia is bored.
    Mia is kind.
    Mia is happy.
    Mia is mad.
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  • Ms.Rivas walked quickly and had to wipe the sand from between her toes.
    Ms.Rivas is at the beach.
    Ms.Rivas is at the aquarium.
    Ms.Rivas is at the zoo.
    Ms.Rivas is at the park.
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  • The leaves rustled and blew past me as I walked home.
    It is rainy.
    It is hot.
    It is snowing.
    It is windy.
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