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The Water Cycle

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    water cycle review
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  • ___________ is when rain, sleet, hail, or snow falls to the ground.
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  • Condensation is the change of water from gas to ______.
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  • Evaporation is when water changes from a liquid to a ______.
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  • During condensation, is the gas cooling down or heating up?
    Cooling down
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  • The earth has a limited amount of water. True or false?
    True. The amount of water on Earth doesn't change. The earth has a specific amount of water that moves from the ocean to the atmosphere and back to Earth again.
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  • When water is heated by the sun and rises up, it is called _________.
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  • Precipitation is water in any form falling from the sky. Rain is a form of precipitation. Can you name another form?
    sleet, hail, or snow
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  • In the sky, water is cooling into water droplets. They come together to form clouds. This is called ___________.
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  • The clouds get too _____ before the rain or snow falls. a) heavy b) fluffy c) grey
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  • What turns water into vapour (gas)?
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  • Where does the heat come from during evaporation?
    The sun
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