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Andy's big discovery
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    Comprehension questions
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  • 1.What did Andy’s father work on?
    He worked on developing new formulas for his gardening company.
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  • 2.What happened when Andy dropped his ball in the basement?
    The ball bumped against a tray that had test tubes of liquids and wet stuff slopped over the edges of the containers and down into the tray below.
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  • 3.Why did Andy decide not to tell his parents about the accident?
    He decided not to tell his parents because he didn’t like being in trouble, and he was sure that he would be grounded for a long time.
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  • 4.How did Andy spill the solution in the yard?
    He accidently let go of the container of liquid.
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  • 5.What did the lawn look like by Saturday?
    The lawn looked like it hadn’t been cut for two weeks.
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  • 6.What was unusual when Andy pulled the weed?
    He pulled and pulled, but nothing happened. (He couldn’t pull it out.)
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  • 7.What did Katie find in between the weeds?
    She found a glass container in between the weeds.
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  • 8.What did Andy see when he ran into the kitchen?
    Andy saw a line of huge ants marching across the kitchen floor.
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  • 9.What did Dad promise Mom?
    Dad promised Mom that he wouldn’t experiment with their yard.
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  • 10.What did Dad decide to do to find out what was happening?
    He decided to go to the yard and take a few samples to find out what was happening.
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  • to cut grass or lawn
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  • type of plant or animal
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  • a fluid like water, not solid like stone
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  • an area or grass
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  • a test for trying out new ideas
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  • to make, create or produce
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