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Princess Diana
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    Princess Diana trivia

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  • When was she born?
    She was born on 1st July, 1961

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  • Who was her father?
    His father was Earl Spencer.

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  • How many siblings did she have?
    She had two older sisters and a younger brother?

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  • Where did she study as a child?
    She studied at a bording school.

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  • How did she die?
    She died in a car accident.

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  • What happened to her parents when she was a young girl?
    When she was a young girl her parents divorced.

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  • How many children did Charles and Diana have?
    They had two sons, William and Harry.

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  • Why was she popular?
    She was popular because she was kind and beautiful.

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  • How old was she when she died?
    She was thirty-six years old.

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  • Why did Charles and Diana divorce?
    They divorced because they had problems with their marriage.

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  • When did Charles and Diana get married?
    They got married in July, 1981.

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  • Who did Diana care about?
    She cared about sick and poor people all over the world.

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  • Where did she complete her education?
    She completed her education in Switzerland.

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  • Who watched their wedding on television?
    People all around the world watched their wedding.

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  • Where did she die?
    She died in Paris.

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  • Where did Diana marry Prince Charles?
    She married him at St.Paul's Cathedral in London.

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