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WHI.6 SOL Review
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  • "Rome was located on the ________ Peninsula in the middle of the ________ Sea. It was protected from the north by the _______ mountains.
    Italian, Mediterranean, Alps
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  • Name the three social classes in Roman society and what they looked like.
    Slaves, patricians, and plebeians. No rights, rich minority, and poor majority.
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  • Name the Greek gods that correlate with these Roman versions. Jupiter, Juno, Diana, Apollo, Minerva, Venus
    Jupiter=Zeus Juno=Hera Diana=Artemis Apollo=Apollo Minerva=Athena Venus=Aprhodite
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  • What was the law code of Rome called and why was it codified?
    Twelve Tables; so the laws were written down and known to all. (No funny business by the rich)
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  • How was Rome's democracy different from Athens? Which are we closer to, Roman or Athenian democracy?
    Rome= Representative Athens= Direct We resemble Rome more than Athens
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  • How many consuls were there in Rome and what was their position in the Roman government?
    Two consuls and they were the co-leaders of the Senate in Rome
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  • Where would people meet to vote in Rome and what were these massive meetings of all the citizens called?
    In the Forum and they were called assemblies
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  • What is shown in the following image? Also, what was it used for?
    Pantheon; worship of all of the Roman gods/goddesses
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  • What is shown in the following image? And what was its purpose?
    Colosseum; entertainment through "games"
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  • What law principle do we get from the Romans today in our law?
    "Innocent until proven guilty"
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  • What was the name of the wars fought between Rome and their rival Carthage?
    Punic Wars
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  • Who tried to take power as "dictator for life" and helped to cause the end of the Roman Republic?
    Julius Caesar
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  • Who was Rome's first emperor? Who did he have to defeat in the second triumvirate to take power?
    Octavian (Augustus) Caesar. Defeated Marc Antony.
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  • Spread of slavery in the agricultural system Migration of small farmers into cities; unemployment Civil war over the power of Julius Caesar Devaluation of Roman currency; inflation - What did all of these cause to happen?
    The decline of the Roman Republic
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  • What was the 200 year long period of peace and prosperity in the Roman Empire called?
    The Pax Romana
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  • What did Augustus Caesar create to aid him in administering (governing) the Roman Empire?
    A civil service system
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  • Explain how each of these traits led to the decline of the Roman Empire. • Geographic size • Invasion • Moral decline • Use of mercenaries in army • Inflation
    Mr. Smith will explain
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  • Who eventually moved the Roman capital away from Rome, what did he rename the new city, and what new empire grew out from this new location?
    Constantine, Constantinople (From Byzantium), and the Byzantine Empire
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