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WHI.4 SOL Review

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  • Two parts: How did Persia treat people they conquered? Also, what religion did the Persians worship that was based on the idea of Good vs. Evil?
    They tolerated conquered peoples' beliefs; Zoroastrianism
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  • What did the Persians create throughout their empire to aid in messaging, troop movement, and trade?
    The Royal Road
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  • Describe how the imperial bureaucracy in the Persian Empire worked. (Include the emperor and his satraps and what role they played)
    The emperor gave regional control to satraps who all answered to him, but ruled locally.
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  • Why were the people in India easily conquered by the Indo-Aryans once they migrated through the Hindu Kush mountain passes?
    They had previously been isolated and had no need for learning how to fight.
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  • What two settlements showed how advanced early Indian civilizations were, specifically their advanced city planning, plumbing, and more?
    Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
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  • What group migrated in the Indian subcontinent and took control? Also, what social system did they put in place that became a central idea in Hinduism?
    Indo-Aryans; Caste system
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  • "Best have vets ready" tells us about what four traits of the Mauryan Empire in India?
    Buddhism was spread, free hospitals, vet clinics, and a road system
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  • What is a central belief in both Hinduism and Buddhism regarding the human soul?
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  • In Hinduism you must perform your ________ in order to gain _________, which will help you move up in the ___________ system once you die.
    dharma; karma; caste
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  • What are the two holy texts of Hinduism?
    Vedas and Upanishads
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  • How was Hinduism spread throughout India? How was Buddhism spread out of India?
    Hinduism: trade routes Buddhism: missionaries
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  • Who sent missionaries to spread Buddhism out of India?
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  • What three nations did Buddhism spread to after leaving India?
    China, Korea, and Japan
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  • What determined your job or dharma in Hinduism?
    Where you were born in the caste system
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  • "All life is suffering, suffering is caused by desire, suffering can end, and one can end suffering by following the Eightfold Path." -What religion believes in this statement?
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  • What did the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huangdi build and why?
    The Great Wall; to protect China from nomadic invaders
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  • What system did the Chinese use to test government officials to see if they were capable of performing their jobs?
    Civil service system
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  • "Humans are good, not bad" "Code of politeness" "Respect for elders" "Ancestor worship" "Emphasis on education" -What Chinese belief system believes in these ideas?
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  • What does the Chinese belief system of Taoism believe humans should follow/respect in order to live humble, harmonious lives?
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