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    Check your understanding of unit 1
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  • Give some advice to somebody who has an eating disorder
    For example, you should love yourself the way you are, go and see your school councillor
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  • Give an example of when you might feel sorry for yourself
    For example, you were disappointed by your grades
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  • What is a synonym for 'root of the problem'?
    Cause of the problem
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  • What do you use a scale for?
    To measure weight, for example of food or of a person
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  • What is the opposite of 'overweight'?
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  • What is the meaning of 'confidential'?
    Secret or private
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  • Who is a stepfather?
    Your mother's new husband, your second father (not biologically)
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  • Name 3 teenage problems
    Body image, problems with parents, alienation, problems with siblings, addiction
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  • Who are your siblings?
    Your brothers and sisters
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  • Name 3 things a teenager can be addicted to.
    Their phones, social media, computer games, food, fizzy drinks, chocolate
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  • When do we say 'time flies'?
    When time goes very quickly
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  • When do we say 'everyone's a winner'?
    When everybody is happy with the situation
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  • What does it mean to 'bury the hatchet'?
    To stop an argument and become friends again
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  • What does a psychologist do?
    Helps people with mental problems
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  • Give some advice to somebody who has run away from home.
    For example, you should talk to your parents about your problems
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  • What do we call substances that control different functions of the body, like growth?
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  • Give 2 examples of something that is illegal
    Drinking and driving, murder, drugs, driving too fast, stealing
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  • What is patient confidentiality?
    the principle of keeping secure and secret from others, information given by or about an individual in the course of a professional relationship
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