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Office Quiz

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    Follow the instructions about office vocabulary
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  • Say three things you can find in a briefcase.
    Pens, notebooks, a charger, an umbrella, a wallet...
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  • Say a synonym of the word "client".
    Consumer, purchaser, buyer...
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  • Say 5 office supplies.
    Paper clips, staples, glue, duct tape, correction fluid, pens, pencils, erasers...
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  • Say three things that a receptionist usually does.
    Welcome people, schedule meetings, send letters, answer the phone...
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  • Say five positions in a company.
    CEO, manager, analyst, assistant, receptionist, coordinator...
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  • Say a synonym of the word "company".
    business, corporation, firm, institution...
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  • Compare e-mails and letters.
    E-mails are faster than letters.
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  • Compare offices and industries.
    Offices are safer than industries.
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  • Compare computers and cell phones.
    Cell phones are more convenient than computers.
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  • Compare flex time and nine-to-five jobs.
    Nine-to-five jobs are more common than flex time jobs.
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  • Describe your job.
    I'm a... and I have to....
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  • Describe your workplace.
    I work at a desk with a computer and a phone....
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