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Animal Riddles
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    Guess the animals (B1-B2 AEF Solutions)
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  • This animal lives in Australia and carries its baby in a pocket.
    a kangaroo
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  • It's an insect that makes honey. It's yellow and black.
    a bee
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  • This animal lives in the ocean and it's very smart.
    a dolphin
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  • It's an animal that can live for 2 weeks with no water.
    a camel
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  • The cartoon character Bugs Bunny is one of these.
    a rabbit
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  • They're sea animals and swim slowly. If one touches you, it really hurts!
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  • This animal has a very long neck and lives in Africa.
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  • These animals give milk that people drink.
    cows / goats
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  • It's a very small insect that bites people and makes annoying noises.
    a mosquito
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  • The plural of this animal is mice.
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  • This animal lives in rivers. It's green or gray and has a lot of teeth.
    a piranha
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  • It's a very big, gray animal from Africa or India.
    a rhinoceros
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  • This animal is a long, thin reptile, and many people are scared of them.
    a snake
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  • People rode this animal before they had cars.
    a horse
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  • This animal is "the king of the jungle".
    a lion
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  • It's a very big, orange and black cat.
    a tiger
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  • This pink animal lives on a farm and isn't very clean.
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  • People say this animal will attack you if you're wearing something red.
    a bull
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  • This animal doesn't come out during the day. It can fly, but it can't see.
    a bat
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