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Sea Turtle Trivia
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    What do you know about sea turtles and the trouble they face?
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  • Do sea turtles have teeth?
    Np, they don't! They have a beak which they use to tear food before swallowing.
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  • Can sea turtles live anywhere in the ocean?
    No, they can only live in temperate and warm water.
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  • What type of animal is a sea turtle?
    A reptile.
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  • What is a sea turtle's favourite thing to eat?
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  • Can sea turtles hide inside their shell?
    Unlike their cousins on land, they can't.
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  • How fast is a Seat Urtle?
    They can travel at 35km/h.
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  • How many eggs does a turtle lay?
    150 eggs.
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  • What is a baby turtle called?
    A hatchling.
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  • When was the first turtle known to have lived?
    120 million years ago, when the dinosaurs lived on the planet.
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  • What determines whether baby turtles are male or female?
    The temperature when they are growing in the eggs.
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  • How long can a turtle go without breathing?
    They can hold their breath underwater for up to five hours.
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  • How far does a turtle migrate?
    They can migrate 2000km. Some have been known to swim across whole oceans.
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  • What are the 5 R's?
    Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Repair or Reject PLASTIC.
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  • What does a turtle have on it's back?
    A shell.
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  • What man-made product harms sea turtles?
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