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Animal Trivia

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    Questions about animals
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  • What color are the spots on a ladybug?
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  • What famous bear did Michael Bond create?
    Paddington Bear
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  • What mammals use echolocation to fly?
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  • What sea creatures are more abundant than any others?
    sea worms
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  • What is the name for the offspring of a female horse and a male donkey?
    a mule
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  • What animal is used in the symbol for modern medicine?
    a snake
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  • What kind of animal is a mandrill?
    a monkey
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  • What insect is known for eating its mate after reproduction?
    a praying mantis
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  • What land animal is the second heaviest?
    the hippopotamus
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  • What ape species is the largest?
    the gorilla
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  • Which is faster: a hare, a horse, or a greyhound?
    a hare
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  • What is the name of an animal that can live on land or in the water?
    an amphibian
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  • What reptile is known for changing its color?
    a chameleon
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  • What is the largest deer species?
    the moose
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  • What animal is in the Toys-R-Us logo?
    a giraffe
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  • What animal comes last, alphabetically, in Chinese horoscopes?
    the tiger
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  • Chi Chi and An An were what kind of animals?
    panda bears
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  • How long can a blue whale stay underwater during a dive? a) up to 15 minutes b) up to ten minutes c) up to 20 minutes d) as long as three hours
    up to 20 minutes
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  • What was the longest recorded flight of a chicken? a) 13 seconds b) 30 seconds c) 2 minutes d) 1 hour
    13 seconds
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  • What is the largest animal that has ever lived? a) the Komodo dragon b) the African elephant c) the blue whale d) Tyrannosaurus rex
    blue whale
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  • Where are the world's longest worms (bootlace worms; up to 30 meters long) most common? a) India b) South Africa c) Great Britain d) Australia
    Great Britain
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  • On which continent have the most dinosaur fossils been found? a) Antarctica b) North America c) Africa d) Asia
    North America
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  • True or False: Most plant-eating dinosaurs had sharp, jagged teeth
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  • Dinosaurs lived at the same as which of these creatures? a) early humans b) wooly mammoths c) saber-toothed cats d) none of the above
    none of the above
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  • When the first dinosaur bones were discovered in China 2,000 years ago, people thought they were a) chicken bones b) dragon bones c) tiger bones d) panda bones
    dragon bones
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