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The Aztecs
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    A quiz on the culture of the ancient Aztecs

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  • A place of pilgrimage for Aztecs was the ruins of a ancient city built by the...
    The Teotihuacins
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  • What does the picture on the Mexican flag symbolize?
    A legend about how Aztecs knew where to build their city.
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  • Which description best fits the Valley of Mexico, where the Aztec Empire arose?
    fertile and high
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  • When the Aztecs fled south from Chapultepec in 1319, how did the Culhuas near their new home respond?
    They paid the Aztecs to fight for them as mercenaries
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  • What was one benefit of settling on land surrounded by Lake Texcoco?
    It was easy to defend
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  • By forming the Triple Alliance, the Aztec leader Itzcoatl was able to...
    Free his people from Tepanec rule
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  • Why did the leader Itzcoatl destroy records of his people's history?
    So he could tell a different story of their past
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  • Why did the Aztecs of Tenochtitlán build chinampas?
    To enlarge their land area
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  • What did the Aztecs build in the center of Tenochtitlán?
    a large plaza where they held special festivals.
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  • At the Great Temple, the Aztecs built a shrine to Tlaloc, the rain god. What does this suggest about the Aztecs?
    They depended on rain for planting
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  • Why did the Aztecs in Tenochtitlán need the technologies listed below? •aqueduct •dike •causeways •canals
    Because they lived on islands!
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  • The Aztec Empire was based on tribute. This means that the people who lived in the empire...
    paid goods to the Aztec government
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  • Which of these facts best shows that war was at the center of Aztec life?
    All Aztec men were trained as soldiers
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  • This pattern of events happened with a number of city-states: •The Aztecs invited them to be an ally. •They had 60 days to respond. •If they refused, the Aztecs declared war. This process enabled the Aztecs to...
    expand their empire
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  • What weakness in the Aztec Empire did the Spanish take advantage of when they invaded Mexico?
    Because conquered peoples kept their own customs, the empire lacked unity.
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  • Compare and contrast where the Mayans and Aztecs lived?
    The Mayans lived further south in the coastal jungles of Guatemala and Southern Mexico. The Aztecs lived in central Mexico in a high mountain valley.
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  • Name 5 features of the incredible city of Tenochtitlan
    Built on an island, causeways/canals, raised dirt roads, temples, markets, chinampas, etc.
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  • What do the themes of world history known as "GRAPES" stand for?
    Geography, religion, achievements, politics, economics, and social structures
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  • What breed of dog does Mr. Mitchell have?
    Pembroke Welsh Corgi
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