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Passive voice
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      Ondřej Hofman
  • He teaches English.
    English is taught (by him).

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  • The child ate bananas.
    The bananas were eaten (by the child).

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  • She has written a letter.
    A letter has been written (by her).

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  • The master punished the servant.
    The servant was punished by the master.

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  • He will read a book.
    A book will be read (by him).

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  • Somebody cooks meal every day.
    Meal is cooked (by someone) every day.

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  • He wore a blue shirt.
    A blue shirt was worn (by him).

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  • They have cut down millions of trees.
    Millions of trees have been cut down (by them).

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  • I have finished the job.
    The job has been finished (by me).

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  • Someone stole my phone.
    My phone was stolen (by someone).

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  • The mayor will open a new cinema.
    A new cinema will be opened by mayor.

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  • My sister drinks 1 litre of milk every day.
    1 litre of milk is drunk by my sister every day.

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  • Hundreds of people visit the castle every year.
    The castle is visited by hundreds of people every year.

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  • The policeman killed the robber.
    The robber was killed by the policeman.

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  • We have found mushrooms in the forest.
    Mushrooms have been found (by us) in the forest.

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  • The students don´t learn French at school.
    French is not learnt by the students at school.

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