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First and second Conditionals
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    First and second Conditionals for Focus Inter
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  • If my parents _______________(know) more about computers, they _______________ (understand) why I need a new laptop.
    knew, would understand
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  • Hank _______________(not become) IT specialist if he _______________(not go) to university.
    won't become, doesn't go
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  • We _______________(wear) T-shirts and shorts all the year round if we ________________(live) in a hot country.
    would wear, lived
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  • If he _____________(not hurry) up, he _________________(miss) the beginning of the film.
    doesn't hurry, will miss
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  • What's wrong with you? If you ______________(not eat) your lunch, you _______________(be) hungry soon.
    don't eat, will be
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  • If you ____________(touch) that plate, you'll burn your fingers.
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  • If you ___________(be) busy, we'll talk later.
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  • If I ____________(be) you, I would invite him.
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  • If we were rich, we ______________(can) afford expensive clothes.
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  • If I ______________(be) you, I __________________(not drive) in the snow.
    were/was, wouldn't
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  • Robert ________________(feel) much better if you talked to him.
    would feel
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  • If you _____________(like) chocolate, you'll love this cake.
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  • If Bill _______________(come) early, he will eat dinner with us.
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  • Sandra will join us later unless she ____________(have) a lot of work to do.
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  • If I _______________ (win) the lottery, I ______________ (go) on holiday to a tropical island. But It's impossible.
    won, would go
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