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Active to Passive Voice.

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    Convert sentences from active to passive voice.
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  • The racer won the championship.
    The championship was won by the races.
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  • Monkeys love bananas.
    Bananas are loved by monkeys.
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  • My sister is writing a book.
    A book is being written by my sister.
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  • The mechanic fixed the car yesterday.
    The car was fixed by the mechanic yesterday.
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  • He drove the school bus to the garage.
    The school bus was driven by him to the garage.
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  • The fish ate the worm.
    The worm was eaten by the fish.
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  • My cousin plays online games everyday.
    Online games are played by my cousin everyday.
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  • I had a headache, so my mom gave me a medicine.
    I had a headache, so a medicine was given to me by my mom.
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  • I make my homework activities every afternoon.
    My homework activities are made by me every afternoon.
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  • John visited Andrew in the hospital.
    Andrew was visited by John in the hospital.
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  • We went fishing and my brother caught three big fish.
    We went fishing and three big fish were caught by my brother.
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  • My neighbor built a pool in his backyard.
    A pool was built by my neighbor in his backyard.
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