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    Look at the pictures and answer the questions
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  • Why can't she drive a car?
    She isn't old enough to drive a car / She is too young to drive a car
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  • Why didn't he go to school today?
    He didn't get up early enough / He got up too late to go to school
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  • Why couldn't he pick up the box?
    It's too heavy to pick up / He's not strong enough to pick it up
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  • Why couldn't he do her homework?
    He was too tired / She hasn't slept enough
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  • Why did he get a bad mark in her exam?
    She didn't study hard enough / She was too lazy
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  • Why didn't she buy the jacket?
    It was too expensive / She didn't have enough money
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  • Why did I lose the game?
    You're not good enough / fast enough / You're too slow
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  • Why couldn't they solve the puzzle?
    It was too difficult / it wasn't easy enough
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  • Why did they lost the singing competition?
    They don't sing well enough / They sing too badly
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  • Why couldn't he make the speech?
    He was too shy to talk / He wasn't confident enough to talk
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  • Why can't she swim?
    It's too cold to swim / The water is not hot enough
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