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Fly High 3. Unit 22
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    Past Simple regular

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  • They cooked lunch. (clean up)
    No, they didn`t cook lunch. They cleaned up.

  • 20 points
  • They visited friends. (dance)
    No, they didn`t visit friends. They danced.

  • 15 points
  • He climbed a door. (climb)
    No, he didn`t climb a door. He climbed a tree.

  • 10 points
  • He listened to music. (watch TV)
    No, he didn`t listen to music. He watched TV.

  • 20 points
  • He played the drums.
    No, he didn`t play the drums. He played the keyboard.

  • 20 points
  • She danced in the art school. (paint)
    No, she didn`t dance. She painted a picture.

  • 25 points
  • .......... he ............. a newspaper? (read)
    Did he read a newspaper? Yes, he did.

  • 25 points
  • .......... he look after the elephant?
    No, he didn`t. He looked after the rhino.

  • 25 points
  • The nurse helped the vet.
    No, she didn`t help the vet. She helped the doctor.

  • 15 points
  • The girl washed the windows.
    No, she didn`t wash the windows. She washed the dishes.

  • 25 points
  • The boy walked in the park. (talk)
    No, he didn`t walk in the park. He talked on the phone.

  • 20 points
  • ........she ................... TV?
    No, she didn`t watch TV. She listened to music.

  • 10 points
  • The policeman chased a cat.
    No, he didn`t chase a cat. He chased a thief.

  • 20 points
  • .......... they .............. the floor? (wash)
    Did they wash the floor? Yes, they did.

  • 10 points
  • What did mum cook yesterday?
    She cooked spaghetti.

  • 5 points
  • What did the baby do?
    He cried.

  • 5 points