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Relative clauses
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    Forming eelative clauses

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    Ondřej Hofman
  • This is the wallet. Lucy found the wallet in the garden.
    This is the wallet that/which Lucy found in the garden.

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  • We called the taxi company. Julie often uses the taxi company.
    We called the taxi company taht/which Julie often uses.

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  • He lost the money. I have given him the money.
    He lost the money that/which I have given him.

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  • John met a girl. I used to date the girl.
    John met a girl that/who I used to date.

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  • He came with a woman. I know the woman from work.
    He came with a woman that/who I know from work.

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  • We employed the lawyer. Julie recommended the lawyer.
    We employed the lawyer that/who Julie recommended.

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  • We ate the fruit. I bought the fruit.
    We ate the fruit that/which I bought.

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  • This is the actor. I really hate the actor.
    This is the actor that/who I really hate.

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  • I sent an email to my brother. My brother lives in Australia.
    I sent an email to my brother that/who lives in Australia.

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  • We broke the computer. The computer belonged to my father.
    We broke the computer that/which belonged to my father.

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  • I dropped a glass. The glass was new.
    I dropped a glass that/which was new.

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  • She worked for a man. The man used to be an athlete.
    She worked for a man that/who used to be an athlete.

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  • The customer liked the waitress. The waitress was very friendly.
    The customer liked the waitress that/who was very friendly.

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  • She loves books. The books have happy endings.
    She loves books that/which have happy endings.

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  • They live in a city. The city is in the north of England.
    They live in a city that/which is in the north of England.

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  • A novelist is a person. He writes novels.
    A novelist is a person that/who writes novels.

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