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Let's Act!
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    Prepare an acting challenge with your team and perform at the front of the class. You have 2 minutes.... go!
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  • A reporter interviews astronauts that just came back from the moon.
    Welcome back!
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  • Have a heated discussion about who should get the last cookie and why.
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  • One of you just did something really embarrassing. Share the story with everyone.
    Oh no!
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  • You're at the most boring party in the world. Pretend you are enjoying yourselves when you talk to the host.
    I want to go home!
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  • Tell your mom about the terrible thing you did yesterday.
    Why would you do that?
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  • Make up the most unbelievable story you can think of.
    That happened!
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  • You just got the most shocking text message. Read it out.
    No way!
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  • You just won the world cup. How does it feel?
    Go team!
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  • Your husbands are out of town. Plan your evening together.
    Great job ladies!
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  • You plan to take over the world. Talk about how you are going to do it.
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  • One of you is guilty of a terrible crime. Explain why they are innocent.
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  • Your relationship no longer works. It's time to end it.
    Have a nice life!
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  • You just met your new best friend. How are you going to spend the day?
    BFFs <3
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  • You look like you're in a bad mood. Wanna talk about it?
    Sorry for asking!
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  • You just won the lotto. What are you going to do with the money?
    You're rich!
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  • You just had the worst day at school. What happened?
    Tomorrow is a new day!
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  • You forgot to eat breakfast. How do you feel?
    Wanna cookie?
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  • One of you is so jealous about something. What is it?
    So jelly!
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