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Fall - What Am I?

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    I'm a small nut that falls from oak trees, what am I?
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  • I mark the beginning of autumn, when day and night are nearly equal. What am I? (starts with E)
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  • Kids carry me on their backs filled with school supplies. What am I?
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  • I'm a colorful gourd that's often carved into spooky faces. What am I?
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  • People eagerly anticipate my arrival for cooler weather and falling leaves. What am I? (season)
    autumn / fall
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  • Farmers celebrate me as they gather crops from their fields. What am I?
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  • I'm the ninth month of the year, bringing a new academic year. What am I?
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  • I rise full and bright in September nights, illuminating the darkness. What am I?
    harvest moon
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  • In September, I bring a warm and spiced drink enjoyed by many. What am I?
    pumpkin spiced latte
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  • This happens to trees to create a picturesque scene. What process am I?
    changing leaves
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  • I'm a day off that honors workers and is observed in September. What day am I?
    Labor Day
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  • Schools buzz with excitement as kids return to classes after summer break. What season is it?
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  • During September, the weather is often ______ as the leaves fall from the trees. What am I?
    breezy / breeze
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  • I'm a small nut that falls from oak trees and is often collected for crafting. What am I?
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  • I'm a fruit associated with fall and often used in pies and desserts. What am I?
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  • September skies are clearer, and I'm a luminous object that can be seen at night. What am I?
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  • Kids return to me after a long break, filling my halls with laughter and learning. What am I?
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