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Business Phrases

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    Common business phrases in English
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  • Stay on top of (something)
    This means to stay in control, and not get behind or let your work pile up. Ex: I’ve got so much work on at the moment that it’s difficult to stay on top of it
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  • He's on the ball.
    This phrase comes from the sports field. When you are on the ball, you have to be alert and sure not to make any mistakes. Ex: Sam’s really on the ball.
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  • Think outside the box.
    This means to think of a solution that is different to what is normally done or to think of an unusual, creative solution to a problem.
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  • Let's get the ball rolling.
    This idiom means to start something, usually a project or process. Eg: Let’s get the ball rolling on this project by contacting some suppliers.
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  • brainstorm
    This means to spend time thinking up lots of ideas on a topic or problem. Eg: Let’s brainstorm ideas for the advertising campaign then choose the best ones.
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  • To pull some strings.
    To use your power or influence to make something happen that would usually be difficult or impossible.
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  • Don't bite off more than you can chew.
    If you put too much food in your mouth, it’s difficult to eat. If you try to do too much at work, you might not be able to finish.
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  • downtime
    This is time when you are not busy working on your main job. Ex: If you have some downtime this week, please brainstorm some ideas for our next project.
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  • Get me up to speed.
    Please update me on what’s going on / what's happening with the project.
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  • Keep me posted.
    The speaker just wants you to give him regular updates on what is going on.
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  • Take it and run with it.
    IF you present an idea to your boss and he asks you to ‘take it and run with it’, he thinks the idea is good and wants you to do it.
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  • Don't drop the ball.
    Don’t do anything wrong. Be very careful. This project (or whatever) is important.
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  • red tape
    Means excessive rules, procedures, and regulations (usually from the government) that make it difficult to to do business.
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  • state of the art
    Something that is state of the art is modern and technologically advanced.
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  • Go the extra mile.
    Means to do more than is necessary or to put in extra effort.
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  • cut corners
    To do something the cheapest or easiest way possible.
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  • the bottom line
    The profit or income after all expenses have been paid and taxes have been deducted.
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