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Making Suggestions, responding

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    Read the mini dialogues, use the promps to make sentences (suggestions, responses)
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  • I'm bored.   let/ football
    Let's play football.
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  • A: I'm hungry.   B: would/ like/ eat/ burger?
    Would you like to eat a burger?
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  • I bought a new sweater.   what/think/it? 
    What do you think about/ of it?
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  • A:I'm hot.    B: shall/ open/ window?
    Shall I open the window?
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  • I'm cold.     would/ mind/if/turn on/ heating
    Would you mind if I turned on the heating?
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  • A: Do you want to watch a film B: Sure. How about/ watch/ comedy?
    How about watching a comedy?
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  • It´s a beautiful day.     why/ we/ not /go/walk 
    Why don't we go for a walk?
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  • Look at all the dirty dishes. think/ you/ should/ wash/ dishes
    I think you should wash the dishes.
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  • I like when it is clean at home.    so/I
    So do I.
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  • A: Apple juice is the best.   B: my opinion/ orange juice/ better
    In my opinion, orange juice is better.
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  • A: I'm thirsty.   B: let/me/ prepare/ tea
    Let me prepare some tea (for you).
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  • Ann's birthday is tomorrow. what/shall/buy/her
    What shall we buy for her?
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  • It´s Sam's birthday tomorrow. can/make/cake?
    Can I (you) make a cake for him?
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  • We're lost.    how about/ ask/ help
    How about asking for help?
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  • A: Do you know where my game console is?   B: No, have/idea
    No, I have no idea (where it is).
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